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ChatGPT – Gimmick or Game Changer?

ChatGPT is a trending topic on Twitter now, but what is ChatGPT? Here you will have all the answers to your question about ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a super advanced chatbot AI specially made for critical question answering conversationally. Open AI developed it in November 2022. The full form of ChatGPT is (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). We can use ChatGPT for various purposes like information, question answering, extension creation, code generating, and many more. It’s similar to InstructGTP, skilled in responding in detail to a prompt and following a command.


Who made ChatGPT?

An AI company named OpenAI has created ChatGPT, which is based in San Francisco. This company has also launched Whisper (a system for automatically recognizing speech) and DALLE-2 (AI which can create realistic images automatically) type amazing AI. The interesting fact about this company is the new Twitter owner, Elon Mask, was also an inventor of Open AI along with Sam Altman and others in 2015.

How does ChatGPT Train for work?

GPT 3.5 has trained on a huge amount of data presented on the internet about everything, including coding and information, to help ChatGPT learn dialogues, human queries type, and their expectations about the answers so that it can answer any critical dialogue formatted question of humans easily. It’s also trained with human feedback, so it’s very easy for ChatGPT to answer according to human expectations.

 Here are the research paper on ChatGPT released on March 2022:  Training Language Models to Follow Instructions with Human Feedback

In the research paper, researchers are saying:

  • Their goal is to train large language models to comply with a specific set of human demands to enhance the positive impact of these models.
  • Language models, by default, focus on improving the next word prediction objective, which is only a stand-in for what we want these models to perform.
  • Our research suggests that our methods can improve language models’ value, accuracy, and safety.
  • Expanding language models only sometimes improves their ability to interpret user intent. For instance, Large language models, for instance, may produce results that are harmful to the user or untruthful.
  • In other words, these models are not aligned with their intended users.

The developers of ChatGPT hired labelers (contractors) to rate the outputs of GPT-3 and InstructGPT. According to the labeler’s rating, researchers have decided:

  • InstructGPT outputs are preferable over GPT-3 outputs.
  • InstructGPT model’s improvement on truthfulness is better than GPT-3.
  •  InstructGPT has a little improvement in toxicity over GPT-3 but not that much.

The research paper clearly shows the positive result of InstructGPT, but still, more improvement is needed. They wanted to improve the reliability and safety portion. 

ChatGPT was trained to recognize human question intent and provide the most reliable, helpful answer, which is why ChatGPT is unique from other chatbots. It also has the power to identify inappropriate and illogical questions.

The researchers find that AI could analyze the matrics and give some results, but they must fulfill human expectations. Optimizing simple matrix sometimes promotes click-bait on youtube. They try to learn Al to predict human intent to resolve the problem. They train Al to utilize a human comparison dataset between several answers so that it can predict human needs and provide the best answer.

ChatGPT model

How does ChatGPT work?

February 2022’s research paper, Learning to Summarize from Human Feedback, shared the training was done by summarizing news and Reddit posts. They said:

  • It’s possible to optimize an Al according to human preference by training with a quality summarizing process.
  • They collected a massive dataset of human comparison to training it using reinforcement learning.

How does ChatGPT work

What are ChatGPT’s limitations?

From the research paper, we can clearly say that there are some following limitations on ChatGPT:

  • Toxic Response Limitation: The trainers have specially trained ChatGPT to avoid toxic, irrelevant, and illogical questions according to its program. So, it will not answer any question on which it has a barrier.

ChatGPT limitations

  •  Quality of Answers Depends on Quality of Directions: The answer quality of ChatGPT will depend on the input quality. If anyone gives a better direction or input, the output quality will be good. The quality depends on the expertise of providing direction.

ChatGPT limitations 2

  • Answers Are Not Always Correct: As the main target of ChatGPT is to understand human needs and answer in that way, sometimes it gives the wrong answer by thinking people may like this answer which seems technically right to it. 

ChatGPT limitations 2

The main difference between ChatGPT and a search engine

Search engines and ChatGPT are a completely different thing from each other.

  • A search engine is where people can index websites and webpages on the internet, and it helps people find the best result they want for a specific reason according to their choices. On the other hand, ChatGPT is an Al chatbot or language model for a data-driven conversion.
  • ChatGPT restricts several topics for answering, but search engines don’t have that.
  • Search engines always provide a quality answer to users, but ChatGPT’s answer quality depends on the quality of direction or input.
  • Using search engine results makes it possible to create AI like ChatGPT, but it’s quite difficult for ChatGPT to build a search engine.
  • ChatGPT can never index anything in it. And the most important thing, the dataset ChatGPT used for the training process was collected from search engines.  

So, both are important for humans, but they are not the same thing. They have a huge difference.

Is ChatGPT better than Google?

ChatGPT and Google are both the best in their places. ChatGPT has expertise in creativity, and Google has expertise in authoritative queries. 

Can ChatGPT replace Google?

Never. It’s impossible to replace a search engine with an AI chatbot. Google is the world’s most popular search engine, enriched with a massive database. Chatbots collect search engine data like Google, summarize them, and provide an answer. But In Google collects data from all over the world from different sources.

Also, there are some major limitations of ChatGPT, which make it more impossible. 

How can you access ChatGPT?

To access ChatGPT, follow the instructions:

  • Go to 
  • Create account 
  • And you’re done. Start your first conversation with ChatGPT.

How are people using ChatGPT?

People are using ChatGPT in several ways. ChatGPT can be used:

  • Generating codes
  • Writing poems, songs
  • Writing short stories by following any specific author’s style
  • Making tools for creating outlines of articles or novels
  • Writing an essay on any topic
  • Function tool or extension which can complete a task.

Is ChatGPT Free To Use?

Currently, it’s free to use for previewing purposes. ChatGPT is open for the user to give feedback so that it can detect mistakes and become perfect and powerful by recovering them.

The authors have arranged a $500 contest to encourage feedback responses. It will end at 11:59 p.m. PST on December 31, 2022.

Can I have a conversation with GPT-3?

Yes, you can. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot for conversations with people.

Is there a ChatGPT app?

Yes, it has an app that is very easy to use. It’s available on the Google Play store. Anyone can download and have a great informative conversation with this amazing chatbot and improve the conversation quality.

Why are some people worried about ChatGPT?

Some people are concerned about ChatGPT as they think this AI will replace their internet-based jobs, which has just now been proven. 

Content writers are on the first list of these people. ChatGPT can write any article or content in a few seconds. Also, it can generate any new topic essay, poem, or song. 


ChatGPT is a very powerful Al, and it’s revolutionary in technology. People are using this AI and benefit from it as it is designed for human satisfaction. Already over a million people have registered to use it.

Now it’s your turn to decide if ChatGPT is a gimmick or a game changer.

If you have any more questions regarding ChatGPT or how to use it please feel free to reach one of our remote IT support team. ITAdOn is a top-notch IT Support provider in Philadelphia.


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