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Past Projects

IT Infrastructure Setup
IT infrastructure setup for a CPA.

POS System Installation
Point of Sale (POS) system installation.

VOIP System Installation
VOIP System implementation.

Access Point Setup
UniFi cloud key and access point setup.

Network Overhaul at Plymouth Meeting
Network upgrade for financial firm

Network Overhaul at Allentown
Network upgrade for financial firm

Network Overhaul at West Chester
Network upgrade for financial firm

AP Setup and Network Drop Repair at North Philadelphia
UniFi cloud key and access point setup.

Network Overhaul at Center City
Network upgrade for a real estate company

Network Setup at Connecticut Av NW, DC
Network Setup Instillation for a client

News & Insights

Small Business IT Services

What IT Services Do Small Businesses Need to Thrive in Today’s Digital Landscape

Table of Contents Introduction In an era where the digital realm is the cornerstone of modern business operations, small businesses are not exempt from the imperative to embrace technology. Whether it’s enhancing efficiency, reaching broader audiences, or fortifying cybersecurity, investing in the right IT services can be a game-changer for

Types of IT Services

Types of IT Services

Table of Contents Software Development I. Requirements Gathering:  Collaborating with stakeholders to understand their needs and objectives for the software. II. Architecture Design:  Creating a high-level design and technical architecture for the software application. III. Coding and Development:  Writing clean, efficient code using appropriate programming languages and frameworks. IV. Testing

Types of IT Services

Mastering ITSM: A Comprehensive Guide to IT Service Management

Table of Contents Introduction to ITSM In the digital age, where technology permeates every aspect of business, managing IT services effectively is paramount for organizational success. IT Service Management (ITSM) serves as the backbone for ensuring that IT resources are aligned with business objectives and consistently deliver value to stakeholders.

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