IT Project Services

The Big Picture:

IT Project Services (Project Management as a Service, or PMaaS) is the process of planning, organizing, monitoring, and executing IT projects and initiatives. IT project services can apply to both small and large-scale IT projects. Project Managers leverage their advanced skills and knowledge to complete and manage tasks efficiently and effectively.

IT Project Services

Most small to midsize businesses consider Project Management (PM) technology an important strategic investment, with about 40% already budgeting for the next two years. 

ITAdOn’s management team will help you scale from idea to finished product while you focus on building your business. You’re in good hands.

Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) Benefits:

Increase productivity through the implementation of optimized methodology.

Improve collaboration through clearly defined tasks and project details.

Increase customer satisfaction and retention which result in greater efficiency and less downtime, which will keep both you and your clients satisfied.

Project Examples:

Data center migration: As businesses and applications outgrow their present infrastructure, migrations are necessary, and they have the potential to interrupt company operations if not properly planned and managed. Our goal is to keep the project on budget and on schedule, with as little downtime and disruption as possible.

New office setup: Our team of experts can set up your office’s IT infrastructure, including cabling, networking, server room, and office space. We evaluate and compare risks and advantages, and manage your projects until you are satisfied.

Lifecycle refreshes: Planning ahead of time can save you time and money while also lowering the time you spend maintaining obsolete equipment. Long before a machine fails, our team of experts create a plan to decommission and replace it. Don’t wait until you have no choice left but to upgrade your hardware in a hurry.

Cloud implementation & migration: We offer a cloud migration strategy to assist you in moving your data and apps from on-premises to the cloud for increased scalability, cost savings, and security. We cover cloud services like Azure and AWS, as well as CI/CD pipelines which use a variety of technologies for performance, reliability, and resiliency.

Email setup, website design, and migration: With minimal downtime, our skilled staff can assist you with email setup and migration. We go beyond basic upgrades to change the design or technology of your website by generating and designing new features.

Organization: ITAdOn manages software, hardware, networks, data centers, wireless/wired access, and virtual and remote assets to best meet your business goals.

Productivity: We improve your business’s results by tailoring each project to your specific needs and within an agreed budget.

Security: We handle software integration, website construction, data storage and management, networks and infrastructure, and keep your projects and data safe and secure.

Assessment: Our management team determines your system’s needs and implements the right solutions for your system by determining the resources needed to effectively fulfill your business’s needs.

Optimization: We organize tasks in a way that best utilizes team member skills, minimizes redundancy, and maintains collaboration and communication among the staff.

Solutions: We conduct research, complete preventative maintenance and troubleshooting, and properly sequence tasks to best complete projects.

ITAdOn’s Project Management as a Service (PMaaS): focuses on keeping you ahead of the game through new ideas and innovative methods.

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