Remote IT Support

What you get with Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM):

The workplace dynamic has seen a major shift since the pandemic and now remote IT infrastructure support has gained popularity among businesses. You can now solve and monitor IT problems, secure your data desktop and server administration from a remote location!

Remote IT Support

What are the benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)?

Saves money by reducing maintenance costs. The cost to outsource maintenance is much more affordable than the cost to implement a separate IT department. 

According to IDC’s data, unplanned downtime costs organizations $58,118 for every 100 users.

Allows for real-time monitoring. With quick service by IT experts, system availability and uptime will improve, which will result in enhanced productivity and efficiency. 

According to the IDC’s data, the average employee was losing 12.4 hours a year due to server downtime and 6.2 hours a year for network downtime.

By implementing managed IT support, they were able to reduce server and network downtime by more than 85 percent.

Allows for maintenance. Experts will analyze your current infrastructure to identify issues, potential threats, and weaknesses, which will improve your company’s performance and foster greater success. 

Enables more freedom and flexibility. You choose which services you would like to remain onsite, and which would you like to be fully remote.

Why partner with ITAdOn:

  • Our team is available 24 hours a day to support your infrastructure needs; Should a problem arise, we’re a message away. 
  • ITAdOn consultants are committed to helping you choose the best infrastructure for your business, or modify your current service to make it more efficient. 
  • Our experts provide numerous services, including remote monitoring, data security, desktop and server administration, and database administration. We also offer the following services:
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