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It’s time for C-suite executives to adjust digital key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics as we anticipate a lovely new year infused with fresh prospects. The epidemic has undoubtedly pushed the world’s digital frontiers to new heights in the past year.

The business has been swept up in the digital transition, which includes remote work and virtual meetings. Several businesses intensified their digital transformation efforts in order to deal with the crisis.

Many people, though, haven’t been able to realize the full potential of their DX initiatives. The traditional approaches to measuring and tracking digital advancement have ruined this. Many businesses ignored the reality that their digital KPIs and analytics needed to be updated.

The KPIs should change and develop over time in order for the digital ecosystem to continuously improve. Here are the five possible reasons why your current KPIs may be failing your digital initiatives right now:

5 Ways Digital KPIs Prevent Digital Success


1. Common KPIs

Avoid relying on digital KPIs that are too general. Since every firm has different business goals, the KPIs should share this spirit and be distinctive. For instance, while some businesses attempt to implement new digital models, others focus on digitizing the current business models.

These goals each need a unique set of KPIs and measurements. As a result, firms should create their KPIs before defining their business objectives. The appropriate set of KPIs may then direct the appropriate digital journey.

2. Acceptance is the Key, not Investment

The amount of money invested in developing or purchasing the technology is a common way for businesses to measure their DX success. Without a doubt, that is the incorrect metric. It is safe to assume that technology by itself does not provide value to businesses. Only once the technology has been properly integrated into all workflows and processes can the business value be realized. As a result, companies need to use technology adoption as a statistic.

3. Fixating on Revenue and Cost

To gauge the prospective success of their businesses, many companies concentrate on income and expense. The potential rewards of a successful digital transition, however, go beyond income and expense. Among the most important effects of DX are high customer satisfaction, smooth corporate operations, and decreased risk. Businesses must thus link these results to the KPIs they have chosen, rather than focusing just on revenue and cost.

4. Increasing Above Optimal Level

Frequently, businesses believe that the digital transformation process is all about digitalizing their whole business model. A balancing point in one’s digital path should be found. Overshooting the ideal amount may have a detrimental effect on the entire client experience.

For instance, performing practically all client contacts through digital channels or overly digitizing operations may have unfavorable effects. One problem among many is low consumer involvement. CTOs and CIOs must thus identify the right amount of digitization for both consumers and staff.

5. Static KPIs

The digital KPIs should also continually change in line with the digital environment. KPIs shouldn’t be kept constant permanently. Companies must continually update their KPIs to keep up with shifting business objectives. Periodically assess the chosen KPIs’ applicability and adjust them as necessary.

Capping Off

To thrive in their digital business journeys, firms must develop the appropriate KPIs and indicators. Make sure that the KPIs’ function and organization reflect the shifting corporate objectives and technological advancements. Most importantly, avoid naively adopting KPIs established by other businesses or earlier organizations.

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