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IT Mergers and AcquisitionsEven in difficult IT mergers and acquisitions (M&A) projects, our knowledgeable consultants can overcome even the most complex IT difficulties. From the early discovery and assessment of opportunities and hazards to support with contract and license management and stable operation, we place a strong emphasis on full coverage of the whole transaction process from an IT perspective. ITAdOn is your M&A IT partner with cross-industry competence in domestic and international IT mergers and acquisitions systems integration.

ITAdOn’s IT Mergers & Acquisitions Solutions:

Our significant IT consulting and technology integration experience has revealed a few universal “golden rules”:

Before merger/acquisition: organizations must take precautions to reduce risk prior to, throughout, and after IT mergers and acquisitions (M&A) integration processes. A high-level security assessment (Pre-deal & Vendor assist services) and any publicly accessible information (such as revealed breaches) should both be considered in a comprehensive security evaluation.Sell-side and Vendor Assist:

  • Exit readiness preparation.
  • Vendor assistance.
  • Separation preparation.
  • Vendor IT due diligence / IPO.

During merger/acquisition: risk analyses ought to be given as much specificity as possible. The acquiring organization should evaluate the target company’s infrastructure, network, systems, and procedures; as well as conduct an inventory of all hardware, and software assets. Our expert team will assist with IT Restructuring, Integration & Separation in a less complex and agile manner. M&A Technology-related services:

  • Review and re-negotiate contracts with Vendors and partners.
  • IT cost base Assessment and Prepare cost-effective budget.
  • Reduction of power-hungry infrastructure.
  • Consolidation of duplicate elements of infrastructure.

After merger/acquisition: risk reduction doesn’t stop when the agreement is fulfilled. Executives in charge of IT security should choose between maintaining strong security solutions for each entity after an acquisition or integrating security practices throughout the new business after a merger.M&A Technology integration & separation services:

  • Assist in transaction vision from an IT perspective
  • Design of the technology Infrastructure for businesses merging
  • Collaborate and manage the IT Infrastructure.
  • Integration, strategy, and post-deal implementation, cut over and testing.
  • Technology separation risk audit and IT Transitional Service Agreement negotiation.

ITAdOn approaches post-merger technology integration with a strategic mindset. As your dedicated consultant, we collaborate closely with your team to address the most essential technology requirements while maintaining the most significant strategic objectives.

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