SOC & NOC Support

The Big Picture:

Cybersecurity threats have increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with the rise in remote and hybrid work models.

A Security Operations Center (SOC) consists of expert cybersecurity technicians who anticipate, identify, and resolve threats and cyber-attacks.

SOC NOC Support

A Network Operations Center (NOC) optimizes network performance. It handles day-to-day operations, including 24×7 data protection, downtime prevention, onsite and cloud-based infrastructure services, and application management.

The NOC and SOC are two distinct teams, and organizations should embrace both. The two complement each other and work together to ensure business continuity by implementing a sound security plan, consistent processes, and up-to-date tools and policies for your company’s network.

SOC & NOC Benefits:

Save time and money: By hiring a SOC analyst, an expert in cybersecurity tools, you will save the time and expenses that would have been required to hire, train, and retain technical staff.
Optimize your business: The average time a company takes to detect a cyber breach is 206 days. A SOC team will ensure that cyberthreats are identified and eliminated as soon as possible to reduce loss and downtime.
Expertly monitor and maintain: Detect and respond to threats to ensure that networks run smoothly, effectively, and securely.

We manage, monitor, and oversee IT infrastructure to improve your network communications and ensure that processes run efficiently and effectively. You are guaranteed a quick and effective response to minimize downtime.

We provide system troubleshooting and remediation. This includes anticipating problems so that your company can stay one step ahead.

We conduct preventative maintenance to test the solidarity of your equipment as well as roadmap recommendations to improve performance.

We provide data analysis and reporting. This includes trend identification and analysis to optimize your business operations, as well as maintaining a consistent data flow and backups.

We combine cybersecurity experts with state-of-the-art threat detection and prevention tools to ensure that your data and assets are kept safe and secure.

Our team performs threat detection and risk mitigation; operations crucial to maintaining continuous and secure operations.

ITAdOn provides thorough assessments to determine breach occurrence in order to prevent future attacks and improve data security plans.

We monitor security policies and processes to ensure they are updated and compliant with the latest regulations.

We conduct thorough research and analyze data, identifying both regular and irregular trends.

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