Small Business IT Support

ITAdOn is a leading IT service provider which offers a wide variety of small business IT support services delivered by technology experts. We work closely to help you manage within the agreed budget and improve productivity; ultimately transforming your business by making you more competitive. These services include systems administration, maintenance, monitoring, personal consulting, cloud services, disaster and backup recovery, and IT infrastructure management.

Fully Managed IT Support

ITAdOn gives you the best of everything: network and system optimization with technology maintenance and monitoring, IT consulting, systems administration, and the expertise of a local IT technician.

Onsite IT Infrastructure Support

ITAdOn offers you the best when it comes to onsite IT support: whether to supplement or implement a stronger onsite infrastructure, expertise of a local IT technician, and the best customer service.

Retail & POS System Support

Our POS experts are trained to make your job easier; from delivering maintenance, installations, repairs, upgrades, backups, and more. We support all devices, including computers, servers, registers, desktops, databases, and printers.

SOC & NOC Support

To maximize its potential, a company needs both a SOC and a NOC support as a sound security plan to develop and ensure business continuity using up-to-date tools and policies for your company’s telecommunications network.

Remote IT Infrastructure Support

Remote services include remote monitoring, data security, desktop and server administration, and database administration.

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