IT Software Licensing Services

Our products enable you to assist your customers in the acquisition and deployment of new software and cloud solutions from major technology vendors. Your company can diversify its offerings and generate new recurring revenue streams by doing so.

When figuring out which option is best for your IT Software Licensing, ITAdOn is there to help with the technical know-how you need.

Software licensing

What you get with IT Software Licensing Services:

  • Cost savings: Receive products or subscriptions at manufacturer prices or at a discount.
  • Simplified supply chain: Automate the submission of electronic purchase to suppliers.
  • Visibility of orders: Send requests and track progress in real-time to ensure successful integration, as well as verify purchase orders based on need.
  • Documentation: To support a centralized or distributed purchasing structure, we integrate Microsoft 365 licensing, Google workspace licensing, Azure licensing, AWS licensing, and OEM software licensing, with your existing processes.
  • Reduced scarcity: Create reminders to confirm recent purchased orders or cancellations, as well as maintain a good inventory of licences.
  • Reduced strain on internal resources: Get rid of paper trails for more efficient supplier collaboration, as well as improve communication and administration across multiple platforms.
  • Increased profits: Due to streamline standardization,  data collection and trend analyses improve and maximize profits.

Why partner with ITAdOn:

We have a comprehensive selection of IT solutions, put together by our expert team who create a strategic roadmap to ensure your technology needs are implemented for your business and budget. Services include:

  • Comprehensive IT assessments: Knowing how notoriously difficult IT expenditures can be to budget for, we offer IT support, including but not limited to technology upgrades and financial planning.
  • Strategic IT consulting: Through our expert IT consulting services, ITAdOn designs long-term and short-term procurement strategies for your business model. We recommend and determine which computers, networks, and systems are best suited to your company’s needs. We find the best products at an affordable price.
  • Project services: IT assistance for your business, including email configuration, website design, and migration. Bring us in if you need to set up a new email system or figure out some new software.
  • Security services: We implement the industry’s best practices when it comes to changes in technology and regulations concerning the protection and privacy of your clients.
  • Managed IT services: Our comprehensive managed IT services cover routine tasks and everything from email and servers to cloud-based storage and data reporting, so that you can focus on running your business.
  • IT Software Licensing: We assess your IT software needs, make recommendations, and ensure that all actively used software meets licensing requirements.
  • Quick response: With remote monitoring and other security services, an IT business can ensure the safety of your electronic records. When an emergency arises, you can act swiftly thanks to ITAdOn’s 24/7 remote support and high-level strategic data protection oversight.
  • Customized IT: We can tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Our expert IT service providers at ITAdOn can help your business stay ahead of the curve by making it more efficient, dependable, and secure. Let us handle your IT while you do what you do best.

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