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We are an IT Services Company based in Philadelphia and have tri-state covered. ITAdOn provides IT support according to your business needs. Whether it’s remote support, onsite support, or you require us to manage your infrastructure, we completely have you covered. See list of great services offered by our freindly team of certified IT experts

Remote IT Support

Remote services include remote monitoring, data security, desktop and server administration, and database administration.

Onsite IT Support

Whether to supplement or implement a stronger onsite infrastructure, expertise of a local IT technician can drastically improve the success of your business.

Fully Managed Technical Support

If you do not have IT services company, now is the time to make an investment that is sure to have a manifold return.

SOC & NOC Support

To maximize its potential, a company should utilize both a SOC and a NOC.

Retail & POS Support

The POS expert supports all devices, including computers, servers, registers, desktops, databases, printers, and other devices.

IT Staffing

Leave technology staffing in the hands of those who are most qualified to discern and recruit skilled candidates.

IT Hardware Procurement

Save expenses by investing in hardware at the most affordable prices through deals our procurement service is able to make with vendors.

IT Project Services

Most small to midsize businesses consider Project Management (PM) technology an important strategic investment.


A Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) helps your company assess its technology needs and develop strategic IT plans that align with your overall business goals.

Website Maintenance

Having an online presence is crucial to marketing your business and maintaining valuable connections with customers.

DevOps Consulting

DevOps consultants emphasize the balance of healthy company culture and the right technology to achieve goals.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Cybersecurity consultants analyze and develop solid cybersecurity plans to ensure that computer systems, networks, and software programs are kept stable and safe.

Data Center Consulting

Data centers house this equipment effectively to ensure crucial business applications work for your customers responsively and reliably.

Disaster Recovery Service

A backup and recovery plan will keep your business cost-efficient by instilling preventive measures that reduce the risk for disasters caused by human error.

Cloud System Management

Cloud computing allows several servers to connect together to share the load, which means that complex processes can be spread across many smaller devices.

Remote Work Solutions

TAdOn is here to ensure that your teams can work efficiently by staying connected, productive, and focused on meeting your clients’ needs.

IT Systems Integration

Successful system integration is crucial. Don’t let your business be left behind.

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