IT Project Management

IT Project Management is the process of planning, organizing, monitoring, and executing IT projects and initiatives. IT project management can apply to both small and large scale IT projects. Technicians oversee various technology initiatives and apply their skills, knowledge, and specialized tools to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. They also are prepared to quickly resolve challenges along the way, including product updates and version changes. 

A general rule of thumb is the bigger your revenue, the more you should invest in project management. Most small to midsize businesses consider Project Management (PM) technology an important strategic investment, and about 40% have already planned a PM software budget for the next one to two years. Let ITAdOn’s management team help your business maximize its potential.

What are the benefits of IT Project Management?

IT Project Management will increase productivity through the implementation of optimized methodology.

IT Project Management will improve collaboration and communication among team members. Each team member’s role will be clearly defined with immediate access to tasks and project details. 

IT Project Management will increase customer satisfaction and retention. Managers will monitor risks and develop a plan for preventing them and implement changes to improve company performance. This will result in greater efficiency and less downtime, which will keep both you and your clients satisfied. 

How can ITAdOn help?

ITAdOn will manage software, hardware, networks, data centers, wireless/wired access, and virtual and remote assets to best meet your business goals. 

We’ll handle software integration, website construction, data storage and management, and infrastructure networks, all while keeping your projects and your data safe and secure. 

Our management team will perform needs assessments to determine what resources are needed to fulfill your business’s needs, in a manner that is most effective and affordable. 

We will organize tasks in a way that best utilizes team member skills, minimizes duplicate work, and maintains communication and collaboration between all staff. 

We will conduct research, complete preventative maintenance and troubleshooting, manage technology changes, and properly sequence tasks to best complete projects. 

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