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The Big Picture:

Consumers are naturally more loyal to websites and applications that give them a reliable, bug-free experience. To maintain and grow demand for your products and services, it is crucial to ensure your developers are efficiently supplied with the services they need. Sound software engineering practices optimize your development and delivery pipelines. Enter: DevOps.

A DevOps consultant evaluates and provides high-quality software releases via cloud services with AWS and Azure, as well as CI/CD pipelines using various tools. Experience with Linux administration, Docker-based deployments, and Kubernetes containers are must-haves.

Our Approach for DevOps Consulting:

Quality over quantity: Our DevOps Consultants enhance user experience, and customer satisfaction and retention. 

Improved operational efficiency: ITAdOn’s cloud and software development processes are streamlined to increase your company’s productivity.

Stability and security: Existing security solutions are adjusted, and new measures are developed to ensure that your data and software processes are protected.

Adaptable and cost-effective: We ensure that threats are managed within budget.

DevOps ITAdOn

Why Partner with ITAdOn:

  • We build development automation that is fast, consistent, and reliable
  • We maintain efficient and productive code through frequent code merging and unit testing to detect bugs early
  • We oversee IT infrastructure, including management resource allocation
  • We provide configuration management that minimizes configuration drift in environments with large servers
  • We monitor the stability of services and infrastructure to detect problems, and promote consistent uptime and faster recovery when necessary

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