vCIO / vCTO Services

Virtual Chief Information Officers and Virtual Chief Technology Officers (vCIOs and vCTOs) expertly assess your business’s technology needs and develop strategic IT plans that align with your overall business goals.

VCIO VCTO Services

vCIOs and vCTOs:

  • Handle everything from personnel management and selection to large IT projects at an affordable rate
  • Develop holistic strategies to improve, upgrade, and optimize business for seamless continuity
  • Lead strategic initiatives for your organization’s optimum performance

vCIO / vCIO Benefits:

Our vCIO and vCTO consultants can deftly answer common big-picture questions like:

  • Should I replace or optimize my IT infrastructure? 
  • How can I keep my company safe from cyberthreats?
  • How can I maintain the most effective software within budget? 
  • How can technology make my company more efficient and profitable
  • Is my company prepared in the event of a disaster? 
  • Which vendors will best meet my company’s technology needs? 

Why Partner with ITAdOn:

  • Develop comprehensive IT strategies to fit your company’s needs
  • Proactive enterprise-wide monitoring and cybersecurity risk mitigation
  • Effectively predict and mitigate technology project roadblocks
  • Technical support and project documentation provided for ease of continuity
  • Assign vendor roles and responsibilities
  • Business continuity planning solutions
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