Retail & POS System Support

Running a retail business can be challenging to say the least. Point of Sale (POS) technicians are trained to make your job easier by providing assistance in resolving technology support issues. This includes delivering maintenance, installations, repairs, upgrades, backups, and more. The POS expert supports all devices, including computers, servers, registers, desktops, databases, printers, and other devices. 

What are the benefits of Retail and POS System Support?

A successful POS system will result in greater operational efficiency, including more efficient accounting, scheduling of payroll, and inventory management. For example, a POS system that incorporates the cloud will decrease the time management spends on these tasks, because business software can synchronize sales data and accounting software. 

POS data can provide valuable customer insights. By analyzing POS data, companies can build more strategic marketing plans that are targeted to their customers’ wants and needs. POS systems can help your business more effectively personalize its marketing and build customer retention. Growing your loyal customers by just 5% can grow sales by over 25%. 

A POS system enables faster service. Many customers report that long checkout lines make them less likely to shop in-person. American consumers will leave a checkout line after waiting for eight minutes. POS systems make checkout times easier and faster so that everyone is happy–both you and your customers. They can help your business accommodate various payment methods and save customer payment methods for future use. 

How can ITAdOn help?

  • We will develop a POS system that is tailored to your company’s needs, or improve your current system. 
  • We provide maintenance, installation, repairs, and backups on all of your devices, servers, and networks. 
  • We will implement technologies that enhance customer experience, including sales floor checkout systems, online checkout systems, and self-service kiosks. 
  • We will develop tracktable and actionable customer feedback systems via targeted emails and/or in-store survey systems. 
  • We continuously update POS system software to align with the most current consumer trends using accurate, real-time data. 
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