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Retail POS SupportSurges in online-based business  the world over are the new normal, and of course Philadelphia is no exception. This highlights the need for advanced and reliable technology to support retail shopping and business management. A POS (Point of Sale) support system is critical to increasing cash flow in the modern marketplace. You cannot be left behind! A comprehensive POS system:

  • helps grow your online business
  • facilitates contactless payments through built-in payment processing
  • is fully customizable to your business
  • incorporates modern devices, hardware, and modalities

If you’re in the retail business, you could not be in better hands because our POS- technicians are trained to make your job easier; from delivering maintenance, installations, repairs, upgrades, backups, and more. We support all devices, including computers, servers, registers, desktops, databases, and printers

This is what you get with ITAdOn

  • Track your money – a successful POS system will result in greater operational efficiency through more efficient and secure accounting, scheduling of payroll, and inventory management.
  • Time saver – business software can synchronize sales data and accounting data which will allow you to spend time growing your business.
  • Tailor -made – we provide POS systems tailored to your company’s needs. We personalize and market your business to increase customer retention. 
  • Happy customers – we integrate technologies that enhance customer experience, including sales floor checkout systems, online checkout systems, and self-service kiosks. 
  • Repair and maintenance – all your devices, servers, and networks will be installed, repaired, maintained, and backed-up.

Growing your loyal customers by just 5% can grow sales by over 25%. We develop trackable and actionable customer feedback systems via targeted emails and/or in-store survey systems.

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