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What is Onsite IT Infrastructure Support?

Onsite IT infrastructure support includes technology maintenance and monitoring, IT advising and consulting, and systems administration. Whether to supplement remote infrastructure support or implement a stronger onsite infrastructure,  expertise of a local IT technician can drastically improve the success of your business. 

What are the benefits of Onsite IT Infrastructure Support?

Onsite infrastructure refuses costs. By having a technician in-house, you  will not have to send members of your team to remote locations for infrastructure support. Through onsite support, companies  can save up to 50% on travel expenses alone. 

Onsite infrastructure support improves efficiency. It is imperative that technology issues be fixed as soon as possible to maintain the success of your company. An expert technician will be available onsite to solve any problems that may arise. This will enable a quick resolution of technology issues which will save downtime, and increase employee productivity. The IDC calculated the effects of overall business productivity on revenue, and they came up with an annual benefit of $229,511.

Onsite infrastructure support increases security. Onsite IT experts can make sure the technology systems in place are stable and secure. Experienced technicians will anticipate problems before they arise and ensure that your company is protected against data breaches. Technicians will be prepared and onsite should a problem arise. 

How ITAdOn can help:

We provide top notch systems administration. The ITAdOn team will assist your team with server configurations, analyze supported systems for optimization , and perform preventative maintenance. 

Our IT experts deliver quality IT management and monitoring. We’ll assess, monitor, and provide solutions for your devices, servers, firewalls, desktops, and backup devices

We’ll provide individualized, personal consulting. We will pair you with an expert consultant that best matches your IT environment. Like all of our other services, our onsite counselling is tailored to your specific needs at an affordable rate. 

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