IT Hardware Procurement

What is IT Hardware Procurement?

IT hardware procurement services include identifying and recommending which systems, networks, computers, and other devices your company needs to run most productively. Investing in the right hardware for your business is no simple task, and it should not be taken lightly. IT hardware has the power to boster a company’s business, or, if implemented ineffectively, it can hamper it. IT hardware procurement services can ensure that your company implements the right hardware that promotes company efficiency and growth. 

What are the benefits of IT Hardware Procurement?

Investments in IT hardware can pay for themselves quickly by increasing business productivity, efficiency, and performance.  

Save expenses by investing in hardware at the most affordable prices through deals our procurement service is able to make with vendors. 

Save valuable time by making procurement easier through services tailored to meet your company’s needs, and fulfill important tasks, such as improving a network’s performance, adding hardware to a network, buying new computer systems, designing procurement plans, and replacing outdated hardware. 

How can ITAdOn help?

Whether you require hardware, software, or services, we efficiently and cost-effectively supply resources — from procurement to disposal. We help you maximize licensing value, avoid availability delays, simplify contract management, and secure advantageous, flexible payment options. Our services include:

Hardware Procurement: We will recommend and determine which computers, networks, and systems are best suited to your company’s needs; We’ll find the best products at an affordable price. We’ll also design long-term and short-term procurement strategies. 

Software Licensing: Software licensing can be complicated, but we’re here to ensure that your company meets all licensing requirements for your software. We will analyze your IT software needs, make recommendations, and ensure that all software in use meets the licensing requirements. 

IT Asset Management: ITAdOn will make sure your company’s assets are monitored, tracked, and being used effectively. Our asset management services include the planning, procurement, deployment, maintenance, and retirement of your assets. 

Asset Disposal: Our technicians will guide you through the best steps to take to dispose of your no-longer-needed assets. We will determine when, where, and how to safely retire computing equipment. IT asset disposition is a crucial part of safe and secure computing. We’re here to guide you, whether you’re updating, upgrading, or retiring your IT hardware. 

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