Insurance Agency IT Support

If you are looking for insurance IT Support in the United States, ITAdOn is the firm to beat.

Insurance agencies use technology and digital data in a variety of ways, including electronic medical records, email communications, and invoicing. However, these benefits are contingent on well-maintained information systems. That’s where we, at ITAdON come in: we’ll assist you in bringing state-of-the-art technology into your insurance firm to maximize efficiency.

Insurance agencies cannot function without IT support to better manage your policyholders and their policies.

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What We Do for Your Business

Human relationships and computers: two very different kinds of networks. We do both, really well.

We start by truly understanding you and your business. We then take your organization to the next level by simplifying IT complexities, optimizing technology management, and transforming your enterprise through strategic managed IT support.

Our IT experts specialize in a wide range of services, custom-tailored business tools, and sound commercial strategy to accelerate your organization’s competitive edge.


Our Core IT Services

Our Core Services

IT Sourcing

Our discerning recruitment team finds the right people and the right technology for your business.

ITAdOn’s Insurance IT Support:

To succeed as an insurance agency, customer satisfaction must be your top priority.

We offer more tools than ever before at ITAdOn to help you work smarter and serve your customers better than ever before.

You can rely on our IT expert team to manage your IT so you can concentrate on your policyholders. Here’s how we do it:

  • Comprehensive IT assessments: With technology constantly evolving, we fully understand your need to quickly access trustworthy data with minimal effort for your agency’s overall technology experience.
  •  Strategic IT consulting: Knowing how notoriously difficult IT expenditures can be to budget for, we IT consulting services, including but not limited to technology upgrades and financial planning.
  • Project services: Project Managers leverage their advanced skills and knowledge to complete and manage tasks efficiently and effectively.Low-cost IT support, such as email configuration, website creation, and migration. Bring us in if you need help setting up a new email system or installing and implementing new systems or programs.
  • Security services: we provide high-level strategic data protection monitoring, data encryption system and secure storage of data, you can act quickly and save costs by dealing with urgent issues that impact client satisfaction.
  • Help Desk support: You can act swiftly  and save costs thanks to ITAdOn’s 24/7 remote support to maximize your agency’s operating continuity and productivity.
  • Managed IT services: Our comprehensive managed insurance IT services will allow you to maintain a smooth-running system. We cover routine tasks and everything from email, network setup and server configuration to cloud storage and data reporting to maximize results.
  •  Customized IT:  Unsure of the best course of action? Don’t stress over it. Contact us so that we can figure out the best insurance IT support for you.

Let us handle your insurance IT support needs while you do what you do best.