Data Center IT Consulting (DCIT)

What is DCIT Consulting?

The most critical applications run on enterprise-grade servers and associated equipment. Data centers house this equipment effectively to ensure crucial business applications work for your customers responsively and reliably. High levels of industrial performance require finely-tuned temperature-controlled housing, backup generators, and certified staff to proactively monitor and keep your IT personnel insulated from any and all threats to your operation.

What are the benefits of DCIT Consulting?

Reduce on-site hardware costs. If you are maintaining hardware on-site at a great operational cost, or you are scaling up your operations, a DCIT consultant can move your critical hardware to an environment better tailored to your systems’ health and prevent costly technical issues and security breaches. 

Find the right colocation to keep your business running strong. Consultants will make the search for a data center colocation with the right mix of environmental systems, physical security, and expert staff easier and less time-consuming. 

Consulting provides cost-effective preventive maintenance and problem resolution. A knowledgeable and dedicated team expertly monitors and identifies hardware outages and sets replacements before the possibility of service disruption, maintaining continuity for your operations and data.

How can ITAdOn help?

  • We understand the nuances and subtleties of designing, deploying, maintaining data centers for enterprise applications and processes.
  • Our experts understand operational requirements, but place greater value in your business needs and what it takes to keep your business applications running efficiently. 
  • We offer support with the utmost flexibility and precision. Our consultants tailor our service to meet your specific operational requirements. 
  • We are committed to all our relationships; yours, and our market-leading vendors’.
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