Applications like CCleaner and other tools are popular for years as a quick and simple solution for users to scan for and clear away temporary files, caches, logs, and other items to improve performance. Microsoft has unveiled PC Manager, a new tool that offers useful features for Windows 10 and 11 PCs in one place, including performance and security apps.

What is a PC Manager?

PC Manager includes a number of quick shortcuts to system tools that let users improve speed and execute security-related activities.

pc manager

Some helpful system information is shown on the utility’s main screen, including the amount of temporary files, available disk space, the number of processes active, and memory use. It also serves as the starting point for PC Manager’s four primary tasks:

  • Health check
  • Storage management
  • Process management
  • Startup apps


boost pc performance

Health check

The Health check option has four sub-checks:

  • Items to cleanup
  • Viruses
  • Potential issues
  • Startup apps to disable

Keep in mind that if Defender didn’t find any viruses, they won’t appear in the results box. As you can see, PC Manager will show items that need to be deleted, problems, and maybe disabled startup items.

Health Check

Storage Management 

The Storage management option allows you to manage huge files on the C: disk, delete infrequently used programs to free up space, run a comprehensive cleanup check, and utilize Storage sense to automatically clean up temporary files.

Storage Management

Process Management

A simpler and more compact version of Task Manager is offered by the Process management feature in PC Manager, which enables users to view the ongoing processes and click End for each one.

Process Management

Startup Apps

A fast and convenient list of Starting programs that could impact PC startup performance is also provided by PC Manager. It shows a simple toggle next to each startup item that allows you to prevent the program from starting.

Startup Apps

PC Manager Security options

Threat detection scans, Windows Update, browser security, and pop-up control are included in the security-related choices. The first command just starts a Windows Defender malware scan, while the second one enables you to apply fixes via a user interface other than the settings program. Browser protection prevents efforts to modify the default online browsers, while pop-up control disables app-generated pop-ups. It’s unclear, though, if this function is exclusive to online applications.

PC Manager Settings

We may choose from the following choices under PC Manager Settings:

  • Start PC Manager automatically when I sign in to Windows
  • Check for updates
  • Auto update PC Manager

Microsoft PC Manager Settings

Installing PC Manager

The installation of PC Manager is easy. This Microsoft website offers a free download of the PC Manager software. MSPCManagerSetup.exe is a modest 4 MB executable file.

After downloading the program, the installation is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

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