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Electronic Waste

E-Waste Recycling Benefits: Protect Planet & Boost Economy

// Take Action to Reduce Your E-Waste Impact on the Environment

We rely on electronic devices in our daily lives, but their production and disposal have a significant impact on the environment. The constant development of new technology leads to a growing amount of e-waste, with 6.9 million tons generated in the US each year, according to a report by Statista. By recycling e-waste, we can conserve valuable resources and energy, reduce the amount of waste in landfills, and protect our environment for future generations.

Report from Statistia

Recycling electronic garbage has become necessary in order to conserve energy, resources, and landfill space. To better understand the positive impact of recycling e-waste, consider the six advantages listed below.

Advantages of E-Waste Recycling

1. Preserve Landfill Space

Electronic garbage is being disposed of in landfills at an increasing rate. This issue is not only common in the United States, but it is rapidly expanding throughout the world. Throwing e-waste into landfills causes a slew of environmental problems.

Metals used in electronic devices, such as iron, aluminium, and gold, degrade and emit toxic poisons into the soil. Similarly, the plastic in these devices can leach toxic poisons into the earth. Toxins in this filthy soil kill all plants and micro-organisms that live there.

It devastates their ecosystems and harms environmental health. The toxin spreads in the soil and finally leaks into water tables in the worst-case scenario. When e-waste is recycled, the components of electronic devices are separated and sorted rather than disposed of in a landfill. Experts determine whether or not they are reusable.

Non-recyclable components are appropriately disposed of, reducing their environmental impact, and recoverable e-waste components are utilized to produce new goods.

Keeping e-waste out of landfills not only saves space, but it also means fewer microbes and plants are disturbed.

2. Protect Natural Resources

According to recent surveys, 98% of electronic device components are recyclable. Extracting metal ores from the earth requires a great deal of energy and resources. After mining, the cost of refining metals and converting them into useful forms is also high. The extraction and reuse of metal from outdated electronic devices greatly reduce the requirement to mine and refine raw metals.

Wires and other electronic device components consisting of aluminium and copper can be reused several times over. By reusing them in other electronic devices, little to no material is wasted. As a result, the resources necessary to mine, extract, and manufacture additional metal decreases considerably.

Many components of electronic devices are composed of glass. The screens of many PCs, laptops, televisions, smartphones, and other electronic devices are composed of high-quality glass.

It takes a lot of energy to make glass from scratch. Glass from old gadgets is reused by manufacturers so that it does not go to waste. This also saves time and money on the production of new glass.

3. Expand Employment Opportunities

Only specially trained professionals can properly dispose of electronic garbage. Distinguishing between reusable and non-reusable materials demands a keen eye and extensive product knowledge. There are numerous work opportunities in the recycling industry requiring professional degrees specializing in electronic waste reclamation.

Increased education about electronics recycling leads to more recycling and employment creation. Thousands are employed as a result of e-waste recycling. More jobs mean greater financial security for our communities.

4. Improve Product Affordability

On many occasions, people wish to get rid of an electronic gadget because they want to replace it with one that has the most up-to-date technology. They can easily purchase new electronic equipment if they donate their old gadgets to charity or sell them in a secondhand store.

Remember that while you may no longer need a used electronic device, it may change someone else’s life! Recycling e-waste gives those without access to such devices more chances to utilize and own them.

Many schools in the United States accept discarded electronic gadgets and use them to educate their students. Hundreds of NGOs exist throughout the United States that collect e-waste and distribute it to various regions of the world for reuse and training.

5. Reliable Data Erasure

In every country around the globe, protecting data is becoming a more pressing concern. Most of the time, when someone deletes a file from their computer, they assume that the file is gone forever. This isn’t always the case, though. It takes specialized software and the right approach to permanently delete data from a mobile device and computer.

Prior to disposing of the electronic item, it is imperative that the necessary data be removed. Depending on local and industry regulations, legal repercussions are a possibility for those who violate data security or recycling legislation.

The right e-waste recycling procedures must be used to properly reuse or discard electronic devices. Customers’ data is erased permanently and securely with a 100% success rate.

6. Protect the Environment

Our planet provides us with an abundance of resources, but it’s important to use them responsibly to protect its delicate ecosystems. ITAdOn encourages you to properly sort your waste and play a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and plastics in our oceans.

This will help create a healthier environment for marine life and reduce the risk of cancer caused by e-waste chemicals. We all have a part to play in preserving our planet’s ecosystems and promoting sustainability.


Environmentalists continually warn us about the necessity of recycling e-waste and the consequences our children and grandchildren may experience if we decide not to act. There are many advantages to recycling electronic waste, but the most significant benefit is preventing more environmental destruction.

Every person making it a practice to recycle their e-waste will reap a significant impact over time. Regardless of how insignificant your effort may seem, recycling e-waste should be viewed as a need. ITAdOn is here to help.


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